SHAAPSouthern Hillingdon Area Action Plan (UK)
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SHAAP, which was established in 2006 by the Scottish Medical Royal Colleges and based within the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, is a clinical group aimed at tackling the public health issue of alcohol-related harm to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland through a range of evidence-based approaches.
Last month, SHAAP was named as the first sponsor of Scottish Women's Football's National Performance League and NPL Cup, the elite level for girls' club football in Scotland and the body lauded its stance on not accepting alcohol sponsorship.
Since SHAAP began, the number of alcohol-related crimes has also decreased substantially.
Shaap based its calculations on a survey which was carried out in 2003.
Dr Briege Nugent, SHAAP's lead researcher, says: "The federations are certainly clear that sport can be a positive influence in young people's lives.
Dr Eric Carlin, SHAAP Director, says: "This project provides the opportunity to explore at international, national and local levels how alcohol companies have insinuated themselves into what should be positive health-promoting contexts in sport.
To this end, SHAAP is interviewing staff and young members of Spartans Community Football Academy, a social enterprise based in Edinburgh.
Bimbavati Devi, who is famous for her artistic qualities of natural expression, grace, sweetness, clarity, perfection and for her refined sensibilities and subtlety along with Ashimbandhu Bhattacharjee, a performer, teacher and choreographer par excellence, experimented with the play Shaap Mochan of Rabindranath Tagore and recreated it in a jugalbandi of Kathak and Manipuri styles of dancing.
Last night SHAAP chairman Dr Bruce Ritson said cheap alcohol was a major contributory factor.
Kamphuis, who works as a professional recovery and self-help peer at Tactus Verslavingszorg in the Netherlands, is set to discuss the topic at the Enlightened Alcohol Policy for the 21st Century, organised by SHAAP (Scottish Action on Alcohol Health Problems) and Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance).