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SHABStudent Health Advisory Board (various schools)
SHABSchool Health Advisory Board (Virginia)
SHABState Housing Appeals Board (Rhode Island)
SHABSexual Harassment and Abuse (athletics)
SHABSteerable Hull Array Beamformer
SHABShrimp Hatchery Association of Bangladesh
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Shab said the fetuses had been in the facility for at least 50 years.
The reason why I still call it my guest house is because every measure will be taken to ensure that guests at Wadi Shab Resort will be treated to Omani hospitality, fed Omani food and get to experience Oman's wonderful landscapes.
To better meet the needs of the children, the SHABs have our contact information and are encouraged to request any specific areas they would like us to address.
But if this cannot happen, then we back extending the term of the president to avoid vacuum," Shab told a local radio station.
For the mains, we took that advice from Shab and I have to say he was spot-on in every respect.
LISTENING: Newly-trained Onley counsellors (from left) Alan Murray, Adrian Harper, Ben Ptolomey, Stuart Webber, Nathan Ray, Craig Dowling, Aaron Hunt, Martin Mitchell-Hill and Shab Uddin.
Shab Mehdi, who owns MSV and was friends with Juninho from his time on Teesside, said: "I had met him before, but none of the other lads playing had met him.
The bloc, that convened today in its periodic meeting under the chairmanship of MP Fouad Siniora, considered, in a statement read out by MP Bassem Shab, that any progress towards the required compromise could contribute to taking the country out of the crisis of the presidential vacuum and to starting a new experience among the Lebanese parties in terms of regulating the complications of the current situation.
On the other hand, a rocket was fired from an unknown location that descended in the Shab Qadar area of Chasadda and injured two persons who were shifted to a hospital for treatment.
The expatriate and her friend were particularly disgusted with the visitors leaving their litter on the pristine beaches of Sifa Wadi Shab, Islands off Qantab and Damaniyat Islands.
It is needless to say that the Algerian singer Shab Khaled and Tunisian artist Latifa were previously held guests on the show.