SHADHSafe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land
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The object of study, the research's starting point, should have been my unease with using words such as gay, LGBT, queer, and homosexual and an equal unease with using the Arabic mithli (homosexual) or shadh (deviant) to talk about nonnormative desires, identities, and gender roles in Lebanon.
Similar tensions arise around the word mithli, the Arabic translation of homosexual, which was appropriated by some Arab queer activists as the politically correct alternative to the commonly used shadh (deviant).
And some terms are too derogatory, which may explain the entry into Lebanese Arabic of the words gay and lesbian as an attempt to move away from the stigma that terms like shadh, mkhannath, and louti carry.
Both of the meaning specified by him above is based on the famous language meaning used by the Arabs and not the odd (shadh) meaning.
The donkeys are among thousands rescued from a bleak and miserable life by Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land (SHADH).
He also helped out at SHADH's mobile clinics which treat donkeys and educate owners about better pet care.