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SHAEFSupreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
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Devers hadn't kept SHAEF fully informed of his intentions, and Eisenhower, far from being pleasantly surprised, was alarmed to find crossing preparations so far advanced.
Accordingly, Eisenhower appointed French General Pierre Koenig as a SHAEF field commander, making him responsible for the French Forces of the Interior and the various French military delegates, as well as control of the Maquis through the Jedburgh teams.
(68) SHAEF, Extract from Civil Affairs Directives for Operation "Overlord"--France, in National Archives of the United Kingdom, War Office Papers, File WO 204/3043 (on file with author).
(27.) SHAEF Administrative Memorandum Number 39 (Revised April 16, 1945), Displaced Persons and Refugees in Germany, Paragraph 23(c) (quoted in Proudfoot 1957, 461).
Dwight Eisenhower is appointed Supreme Allied Commander, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF).
But, he said, when he received repeated queries from SHAEF about Hemingway's health, he grew alarmed and feared that headquarters was "sending me a warning of some kind or a request for information that they could not ask for openly, and that maybe they had disquieting thoughts about Hemingway." Why Hunter should have responded with such paranoia to seemingly innocent questions about Hemingway's health--he had suffered a concussion in an automobile accident in London only shortly before his departure for France--can only be guessed at.
Winners were to be determined after the luncheon and gift certificates would be presented to the finalists, thanks to sponsors Bob Shaef and Johnny Walker.
Even before the Moscow Declaration on Austria, SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force), designated a few officers for occupation duty in Austria, but the emphasis was selecting officers for occupation assignment in Germany.
* They acted as a great spy army for SHAEF [Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force] in London.
Prior professional roles included wartime work with the Auxiliary Territorial Service, serving at Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) in the latter stages of the war and, at war's end, with the National Coal Board and the Women's Institute.
Although Sheikh Mohammed Nagi Shaef, the Bakil's self-styled chief, denounced the alliance as an offshoot of the Islah party, his "loyalty" to Saleh discolors his rhetoric.
From the strategies emanating from the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) to the fate of one Kurt L., an 11-year old refugee from Hamburg, no kind of story, large or small, escapes his attention.