SHAIDSingle Homeless Action Initiative in Derwentside (UK; est. 1993)
SHAIDShelter for Helpless Animals in Distress (Nova Scotia)
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Armed Forces Champion award presented by Marcus Hawthorn to winner Gareth and Denise |Golightly and runners-up Coun Dave Ledger and SHAID
SHAID has applied for pounds 300,000 over three years from the Royal British Legion to enable it to employ support workers.
Based in Stanley, County Durham, SHAID has been helping the homeless in Derwentside for more than a decade.
Shaidy Characters was formed by a group of ex-homeless young people who all met through SHAID.
I found out about SHAID which helped me find somewhere else to stay.
Zoe has needed the help of SHAID off and on for the past seven years.
SHAID development worker Jane Williamson was keen to see Speak Out dispel some common myths about the homeless.
Over the last five years, SHAID has dealt with 1,500 young people.
The real-life experiences of people who have attended SHAID (Single Homeless Action Initiative in Derwentside) have been used as the inspiration for the video.
Based in Stanley, County Durham, SHAID is celebrating 10 years of helping homeless people in Derwentside.
Wendy Haswell, 22, of SHAID, is one of those who has been homeless herself, but now has her own council house and is looking to the future.
She said: "We have used actors because people don't want to portray themselves, but all of the stories are taken from real people who have come through SHAID.