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SHALEStand-Off High Altitude Long Endurance (Aircraft)
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The characteristic feature of oil shale is the presence of kerogen (organic matter) from which oil is obtained by thermal treatment in the absence of oxygen.
A drop in oil and gas prices undermines the shale industry development.
Asia Pacific (China and Australia), Latin America (Brazil), Middle East and Africa (Morocco and Jordan) and describes the possibilities of shale oil commercialization in other countries such as Canada, Russia, and Serbia.
Fracking involved drilling holes deep into the ground and then using high-pressure liquid to fracture shale rocks to release gas trapped inside and environmentalists have criticised the effect the method would have on the surrounding areas.
For now, cost of a barrel of shale oil stands at USD 80-85 as compared to USD 3-6 per barrel of the "traditional oil," thus this fact is in favor of the critics who doubt the US forecast.
Romania comes third in Europe, out of the 11 countries surveyed for shale gas, behind Poland and Germany.
While oil shale is found in many places worldwide, by far the largest deposits in the world are found in the United States in the Green River Formation, which covers portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.
The development of shale gas in China is still slow and very basic but the government's determination can clearly be seen through its actions.
We think Oman has good shale gas potential, and we working on this.
Oil shale contains large amounts of organic matter ( kerogen), which yields substantial amount of oil when subjected to destructive distillation or pyrolysis.
Oil shale has been mined extensively in Brazil, China, Estonia, Germany, Israel and Russia, but up to two-thirds of the world's supply lies in the Green River basin of the western United States, including parts of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.
Last year, dollars from direct sales increased 35 percent at Mark Shale.