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SHANESighthound Association of New England
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It was a deer Shane had caught photos of in 2013- Back then he'd been a good 8-pointer--but the deer clearly had taken a quantum leap in antler growth.
Shane passed away on July 29 this year - almost five weeks after he was assaulted in Norton, Stockton while he was in Holly Street with a friend.
She dated both George Harrison and Paul McCartney before marrying Shane.
Shane, 15, will have the piece performed at a 700-seat concert hall for BBC Music Day on June 5.
by Shane Thompson, who started the restaurant with his grandfather's secret BBQ sauce.
The 25-year-old suffered horrific brain injuries when he was hit over the head with a brick by thug Shane Byrne in an unprovoked attack in Tuam, Co Galway, in August 2012.
You wouldn't know this was a debut tour as Shane and his band delivered a fantastic night of entertainment to please fans old and new of varying ages.
On the 12-minute mark, All Gone Shane Long upped the tempo and both Keith Sloan and Shay Miller began to take control of the game scoring four between them.
Any good defense starts from the goalie out, and Shane is the type of kid who can pull that save out of nowhere, just because of the control of his body and his athletic ability.
As President, Shane will lead a team of over 700 people, delivering revenues of around $1 billion.
Shane received his Honorary MSc during the university's Winter Degree and Award Congregations at Swansea's Brangwyn Hall.
Shane now appears as comfortable in the aisles as he did in the field.