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SHARShell Archive
SHARSea Harrier
SHARSuperannuation Holding Accounts Reserve (Australian government)
SHARSriharikota Range (Indian Space Research Organisation, India)
SHARShip Hostile Action Report
SHARSriharikota High Altitude Range (Indian Space Research Organisation)
SHARSimpsons: Hit and Run (video game)
SHARSelf Help Addiction Rehabilitation, Inc. (Detroit, MI; est. 1969)
SHARSocial History of Alcohol Review (journal; Alcohol and Temperance History Group)
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As th general arrangements made by Captain Fitz Roy were ver good for facilitating the work of all, and as all had a shar in it, I will describe the system.
Rustam Police Station SHO Hajan Gadani said that brothers Shahban Shar (20) and Sadhayo Shar (22), sons of Ghulam Rasool, were gunned down in an attack carried out by their uncle.
Shar was sentenced to death and his three accomplices to life imprisonment.
The charity, headed by Gina McCallum, have just rescued their 600th shar pei.
Police in another encounter, have arrested two outlaws identified as Sobat alias Laal Buksh Shar and Peeran Baksh Shar and recovered arms from their possession.
In fact, she bred with a male shar pei - also owned by Hill - and had five pups, one of which died.
No opposition can end the battle militarily, just as the security forces and army cannot achieve a decisive conclusion," Shar told the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar.
The incident took place on Tuesday evening due to carelessness of the truck drivers on the outskirts of Maidan Shar, the capital of Maidan Wardak province, provincial police chief, Brig.
My way was blocked by the locked security gate but I saw Afghan National Police (ANP) at the corner of Shar e Naw park cattycorner to the hotel firing down Shar e Naw Street toward City Center, the shopping mall and hotel that abuts the Park Residence Hotel.
Brian Shar, a team leader on a convoy moving between bases near Baghdad, saw what looked "like a giant cartoon rock, about 18 inches wide, 11 inches tall.
She is preparing to return with her husband Shar Wali Mohmend - a refugee from the Taliban regime - to Afghanistan.
Using Sarah's techniques, Shar looked back in his life and realised being isolated from his mother for 48 hours after his birth had a deep emotional effect.