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SHARCShared Archive
SHARCSuper Harvard Architecture Computer
SHARCSubmillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera
SHARCSwedish Highly Advanced Research Configuration
SHARCSpacecraft for High Accuracy Radar Calibration (US NASA)
SHARCSavannah Hilton Head Area Rocketry Club
SHARCScott Hughes Architects (Venice, CA)
SHARCSystem Hardware Availability and Reliability Calculator
SHARCStrategic High Altitude Radiation Code
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Over the two-week demonstration, the SHARCs detected and tracked an advancing unmanned underwater vehicle and a manned diesel submarine.
SHARC can stay underwater for a year, and is only removed to make repairs and for cleaning, such as removing barnacles.
Under the terms of the agreement, SHARC has granted ETS an exclusive license for the commercialization of PIRANHA and SHARC systems across Australasia.
Harcourt is joining the board of SHARC, said SHARC CEO Lynn Mueller.
Advantiv, Blackfin, SHARC and SoundMAX are registered trademarks and Xpressview is a trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.
A third plan was to merge the tennis club with the Shrewsbury Health & Racquet Club, which would allow members to continue using the courts, while SHARC would take over management of the facility.
These issues are addressed relative to the Super Harvard Architecture Computer (SHARC) processor when the IO stream into the processor is via the SHARC serial ports.
For more information, visit the SHARC Web site at www.
Based on the Analog Devices 2106x SHARC DSP, SHARCpool delivers as much power as 1.