SHARCNETShared Hierarchical Academic Research Network (University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada)
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The growing demands for research and supporting more complex simulations led us to look for the most advanced, efficient, and scalable HPC platforms, said John Morton, technical manager for SHARCNET.
For example, for GWA-4, that is, GWA-T-10 SHARCNET (2) the optimal social welfare is 362, while Greedy obtains a social welfare of 317 leading to a 12 percent gap from the optimal solution obtained by Incentive-Compatible Approximation Mechanism.
Copper(TM) has been in limited trial on a SHARCNET compute cluster located at York University in Toronto, Canada since late 2009, and is now open to all researchers from SHARCNET's 17 academic member organizations.
We are pleased to be selected by SHARCNET and to provide them with our 10GbE switch solution for their interconnect infrastructure, said Amir Prescher, vice president of business development at Mellanox Technologies.