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This article discusses the requirements for implementing shared data clusters and the challenges and benefits of this approach.
Often they are not available on shared databases, and rural or small libraries are often the last to get the technology to allow them to be active participants in the larger network.
The more recent development of OhioLINK is another example of the growing state and regional developments of shared networks.
The cost savings alone on a shared building make the prospect of constructing two separate facilities wasteful.
Shared and open software development also comes up several times.
Excel won't incorporate your changes in the shared workbook until you manually save (Ctrl+S) the workbook.
Within the FC-AL protocol, a fair arbitration mechanism is used allowing devices to gain control of the shared bandwidth.
Shared ownership differs from equity split-dollar plans, because both owners are charged for their shares of the policy's costs on an "arm's length" basis.
The expenses of intangible property contributed to a CSA cannot be shared. Costs that do not contribute to the intangible development area are not taken into account.
A shared data cluster is a computer cluster in which multiple computers can access data in the same file system concurrently.
Later discussion will suggest that the concept of the resources to be shared in the new electronic environment needs to be broadened to include human and computing resources, among others.
This response problem can be mitigated to some extent by distributing the shared software and data properly throughout the network.