SHARPESymbolic Hierarchical Automated Reliability and Performance Evaluation
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So sharpe the conquering' put his case in a nutshell.
Later they may like to read the Century Edition of Macpherson's Ossian, edited by William Sharpe.
And I am sure Lucy would have done just the same by me; for a year or two back, when Martha Sharpe and I had so many secrets together, she never made any bones of hiding in a closet, or behind a chimney-board, on purpose to hear what we said.
Smee (formerly a pupil of Sharpe of Frith Street, a dissolute, irregular, and unsuccessful man, but a man with great knowledge of his art) being the cousin of Miss Wirt, we say, and introduced by her to Miss Osborne, whose hand and heart were still free after various incomplete love affairs, felt a great attachment for this lady, and it is believed inspired one in her bosom.
Although by the early summer of 1864, Sharpe "was spending half or more of his time at Grant's headquarters, consulting with the general almost daily," (99) Meade's overall arrangement remained in place.
Sharpe, who made his name at United before moving to Leeds, Sampdoria and Bradford City, said he is looking forward to the match and believes the Red Devils' veteran campaigners will secure victory.
Ex-Man United star Sharpe, 37, was so sure of their future that he asked Lucie, 23, to marry him only a month later.
Through his acute understanding of cosmological, neural, and cognitive research, Sharpe weaves a convincing argument for this new understanding of the Divine.
Coun Sharpe has suffered from IgA nephritis - a progressive inflammatory disease of the kidneys - for the past 16 years.
But unlike Wayne Rooney and his GCSEs, Sharpe has a different goal - to save youngsters from a life of crime.
WITH its rather old-fashioned name, you would expect this latest offering from the prolific author Graham Sharpe to be on the nostalgic side.