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SHARTSplit Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiation Therapy
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Screenplay, Poire, Raffy Shart, based on Shart's play.
Udo Shart, a three-time California State Masters Champion in road bike racing, warms up before our race.
Shart has turned ordinary indoor bike training (called spinning) into a simulated race.
Before we start the agony, Shart has us do some stretching on the bike.
Watch out for the team cars, there are 172 riders today,'' says Shart.
Shart tells us to tighten down the resistance on the bike as we ``climb.
It's a great workout for beginners to serous racers because everyone has control of their own bike,'' Shart says.
Shart says he came up with the concept of competitive indoor cycling one day when the teacher of his spinning class left on pregnancy leave.
The class loved it, and Shart found that his simulated races were good for motivation.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of External Circlip 5 Mm For Shaft, External Circlip 6 Mm For Shaft, External Circlip 9 Mm For Shaft, External Circlip 10 Mm For Shaft, External Circlip 12 Mm For Shaft, External Circlip 20 Mm For Shart, External Circlip 22 Mm For Shaft.
A further three terms capture quasi-causal phenomena (ma yajri majra al-mu'aththir)--muqtadi, shart, and da'i: entailing cause, condition, and motive.
Screenplay, Jean-Francois Halin, Raffy Shart, Timsit.