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SHASSVM (Service Module) Harness Subsystem
SHASScottish Health Advisory Service (est. 1970; now National Health Service Quality Improvement Scotland)
SHASSafe Haven Animal Sanctuary (San Jose, CA)
SHASSupplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance
SHASSubjective High Assessment Scale (alcohol intoxication)
SHASShomrei Torah Sephardim-Sephardi Torah Guardians (Israeli political party)
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There is an emerging need for a guidebook that focuses on both the current available emergency procedures and also on how a SHA should react to and recover from a regional emergency.
I would also like to put my thanks on record to Mark Ogden, Kevin Orford and David Stout, who have all done an outstanding job as interim SHA chief executives.
After intense negotiations, the Shas party said it was unable to reach an agreement with Kadima over the status of Jerusalem and social welfare benefits.
When asked on Voice of Israel Radio whether the decision was final, Shas Chairman Eli Yishai said: "Yes.
By 2008, the NHS will make annual savings of at least pounds 250m to plough back into front line services as a result of the SHA and Primary Care Trust (PCT) mergers.
With more and more SHAs and PCTs looking for savings and efficiency gains Medify's solution offers a positive and highly cost effective way of delivering and monitoring e-knowledge to healthcare professionals.
Shas chairman Eli Yishai said he was "open" to negotiating a new economic plan.
Mr Flory has been chief executive of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear SHA since 2002 and has also been chief executive of County Durham and Tees Valley SHA since August last year.
Otherwise, Deri threatened to order his Shas ministers to oppose the Hebron redeployment agreement and even pull his 10 Knesset members out of the ruling coalition, bringing down Netanyahu's government.
A spokeswoman from the SHAs in the North East has said there will be an impact on job roles but stressed there had not been any announcements regarding redundancies.
He said: 'Over the next few months I will be listening to staff and their views on how we best utilise the considerable talent within the three SHAs to develop capacity and maintain and improve performance in the NHS across the West Midlands.
Shas parliamentarians and fellow rebels in the United Torah Judaism Party stayed away from the vote.