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SHAUNSharing Help Awareness United Network (now defunct)
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After all, Neil previously thought that Shaun wouldn't survive working at the hospital since he's diagnosed with autism, but he did so with flying colors.
PC Andrew Smith, a collision investigating officer at Northumbria Police, said Shaun was following his younger brother, James, who was also riding a motorbike.
Now, they are inviting those who knew Shaun to say their final goodbyes.
During his induction, we found out that Shaun had been homeless as well.
Prior to joining NCB, Shaun spent 15 years at PNC Bank N.
Shaun, from newmarket, was due to play for the Cambridgeshire town's football club next season.
Friends and relatives battled to resuscitate Shaun with dad Brian giving him the kiss of life.
Shaun in the City saw 70 individually-designed sculptures of Shaun the Sheep installed across Bristol, following an earlier trail of 50 more designs in London.
The pupils chose to donate half the money raised to Birmingham Children's Hospital because Shaun was treated at the hospital during his short illness.
nally having a blood test, Shaun was diagnosed with He put the fainting down to exhaustion, but, after -nally having a blood test, Shaun was diagnosed with acute leukaemia in November 2011.
Now I've decided to take on the London to Paris challenge with my cousin in memory of Shaun.