SHAVSpeech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
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Preliminary sequence analysis for the RT-PCR product (443-nt) showed that the viruses were highly similar to SHAV. We sequenced and analyzed complete small and medium RNA segments and a partial region of the large RNA segment by using primers specific for SHAV (8).
Similarly, the royal shav yatra, en route to the Gaitor necropolis does not pass these locations.
John James - Chair UCU Wales Council; Julie Morgan AM; Bethan Sayed AM; Cerith Griffiths - Wales Secretary, Fire Brigades Union; Shav Taj - Wales Secretary, Public & Commercial Services Union; Gareth Howells - Wales Secretary, Prospect; Sue Leader - Cardiff Secretary, Unite Community; Lyn Eynon - Welsh Labour Grassroots; Claudia Boes - Sisters of Solidarity; Greg Cullen - Cardiff Peoples Assembly; Marianne Owens - PCS NEC Free advice to help with foot care WITH the expectation of spring on the way, many of us will be going for walks and working in the garden.
ShAV SIMPLY ELECTRIC A huge neon lightning bolt, taken from his extravagant make-up (left) for the cover of 1973 album Aladdin Sane, greets visitors at the normally rather staid Victoria and Albert Museum in South West London.
Shav Singh collected three for 36 for the hosts and ex-Worcestershire seamer Chris Liptrot three for 50.
Dartmouth had set Shrewsbury a target of 251 to chase thanks to a fine start from Harshad Patel, who plundered 74, while Indian overseas player Shav Shukla added 45.
"Y'can take yer poncey bleedin' fesis an shav it where the san darnt shawne, Sir." New habits die hard - innit?
The first report of SBV showed highest similarities of M- and L-segment sequences to partial Aino virus and AKAV sequences, whereas the N gene was most closely related to Shamonda virus (SHAV) (1).
The Simbu serogroup is composed of several arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses, including SHAV, AKAV, and Aino virus) transmitted by Culicoides spp.
In particular, the shift in Commandment Nine from ed shaker [false witness] to ed shav [vain witness] fits the Incident of the Spies.