SHCGSouthern Highland Craft Guild
SHCGSocial History Curators Group (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
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As a main General Contracting Company working on a massive community project such as 'Ajman Uptown', SHCG has revealed that they are fast-tracking construction processes to leverage the favourable prices of building materials.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, CHART = Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique, FIM = Functional Independence Measure, M-W = Mann-Whitney, NEADS = National Education for Assistance Dog Service, SD = standard deviation, SF-12 = 12-Item Short Form Health Survey, SWLS = Satisfaction with Life Scale, THSD = Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, VHA PSAS SHCG = Veterans Health Administration Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service Strategic Health Care Group.
This material was based on work supported by the VHA PSAS SHCG (project B3444F).