SHCNSpecial Health Care Needs
SHCNStichting Huisdieren Crematorium Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Foundation for Pets Crematorium; est. 1978; Netherlands)
SHCNSelf-Healing Communications Network
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Standard dental equipment used with adaptive techniques is adequate to treat the majority of individuals with SHCN.
Individuals or families with children who have SHCN may have neglected their oral health or feel that it is less important in light of the demands of their condition.
It is for this reason that the 2009-2010 study of children with SHCN was selected for review.
By contrast, there is a smaller proportion of Other Non-Hispanic and Hispanic children with SHCN than their respective proportion in the general population of children.
However, a nontrivial portion of these Medicaid monies paid for home health services that complemented the efforts of unpaid caregivers helping children with SHCN living in low-income households.
Only further research on the important relationship between formal and informal caregivers and on the care of vulnerable populations such as children with SHCN will allow these assumptions and conclusions to be evaluated in different contexts.
For adolescents with SHCN who are general education students, a 504 plan specifying the student's needs for accommodation can assist with transition planning (French, Henderson, Kinnison, & Sherrill, 1998; Zirkel & Gorn, 1997).
First, while most states define children with SHCN as those who qualify for supplemental security income (SSI), some states have more expansive definitions.
Prevalence of children with SHCN did not vary significantly by income group (approximately 14%).
Nearly 30 percent of parents of children with SHCN report that they had to cut back on work or stop working in order to care for their children.
Forty-four percent of parents of children with SHCN reported that their child had a medical home.