SHCSSocket Head Cap Screw
SHCSScottish House Condition Survey
SHCSSacred Heart Cathedral School (Knoxville, TN)
SHCSSubterranean Heating and Cooling System
SHCSSt Hilda's Collegiate School (Dunedin, New Zealand)
SHCSSenior Home Care Services (elderly care)
SHCSSacred Heart Canossian School (Hong Kong)
SHCSShiloh Hills Christian School (Kennesaw, GA)
SHCSSenior Chief Ship's Serviceman (Naval Rating)
SHCSSchool of Health Care Sciences
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This analysis involved all SHCS members who had one or more study visits from January 1999 through December 2013.
The net effect of the SHCS rescaling is to increase the dynamic range of the midrange reflectance values at the expense of the low- and high-end ranges.
In August 2005 HIV-positive people in the SHCS started answering questions about alcohol drinking.
The Director-General of the SHCS said: "Selecting the SHCS to be the venue for the launch of the second phase of the campaign is clear evidence of the continually growing weight and importance that humanitarian issues are given in the UAE on all levels, including in the ethical and legal and humanitarian basis.
To single out predictors of quitting and relapse, SHCS investigators built two models.
17) The SHCS analysis did find worse 1-year CD4 gains in coinfected people (Table 6), but that deficit disappeared with continued cART.
SHCS Franck beams over the efforts of her team to convert the space that is now home to the cafe.
8) The SHCS team turned to its antiretroviral resistance database and compared HIV genetic sequences to find 1555 HIV transmission pairs with known HCV status.
SHCS Vernon Milligan, Ship's Sales and Services Leading Chief Petty Officer, USS Emory S.
41)) Diabetes prevalence in 3 European and 3 US HIV cohorts DAD SHCS London USA MACS VACS WIHS n= n= n= - n= n= n= 17,852 8033 394 534 3227 1797 76% M 69% M 85% M 5096 100% 97.