SHD1SLA1 Homology Domain 1
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5) reveals that at a low level of similarity (12.4%), there is a significant separation ([pi] = 18.64, P < 0.05) between the group of forested sites (FOR3, FOR1, FOR4, FOR2), together with three shaded coffee plantations (SHD3, SHD1, SHD2), and the remaining sites.
The QTL for green plant regeneration linked to abg019-abc162 on chromosome 2H (this study) is probably analogous to the previously identified QTLs Qsr1 and Shd1. Komatsuda and colleagues (Komatsuda et al., 1991, 1993, 1995) studied shoot regeneration in the progeny of a cross between a two-rowed and a six-rowed cultivar, and described the locus Shd1 and its close linkage to the V-v locus that controls the fertility of lateral florets (2- versus 6-rowed heads); this region is within 10 cM of the QTL linked to the interval abg019-abc162 identified in this study.
Transfer and mapping of the shoot differentiation locus Shd1 in barley chromosome 2.