SHDLShort Hop Double Laser (gaming)
SHDLSiti Hasmah Digital Library (Malaysia)
SHDLSena Hotel Development Limited (est. 1995; Bangladesh and UK)
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There was no grain type by SHDL dosage interaction, so results were reported as main effects of grain type and SHDL (Table 3).
All cattle were of similar body weight at the beginning and at the end of the experiment regardless of level of SHDL supplemented (Table 5).
Most of the measured carcass traits were not affected by SHDL (Table 6).
The linearly decrease of in vitro DMD for forage but a quadratic response of barley grain to SHDL suggests that the effects of SHDL on ruminal digestion may be diet dependent.
It is possible that the SHDL used in this study has similar antimicrobial properties that inhibit fibrolytic bacteria.
This decrease in methane production suggests that SHDL may possess anti-methanogenic activity as has been reported for other naturally occurring plant compounds [29,30].
Inclusion of SHDL at levels up to 16 g/kg DM in a barley based finishing diet resulted in a quadratic response in feed efficiency.
There is very little information on use of SHDL as a feed additive for ruminants.