SHDSSolvent Handbook Database System (electronic handbook)
SHDSSafety and Health Data Sheet
SHDSShort Haul Data Service
SHDSStructural Heart Disease Symposium (cardiology)
SHDSSustainable Human Development Strategy (UN Development Programme)
SHDSStereotyped Head-Down Sniffing (behavioral response)
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BT SHDS Wavestream Connect service offers dedicated optical fibre links with Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5200 equipment at either end of a fibre link into which enterprises directly connect their LAN, WAN and SAN equipment.
A new clean room and additional production lines will be installed at SHDS step by step as from the end of this year.
In addition to the expansion at SHDS, SDK will reform production lines at its HD media production sites in Japan (Chiba and Yamagata) and Taiwan to increase productivity.