SHDSLSingle-Line High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHDSLSymmetrical High-Density Digital Subscriber Line
SHDSLSymmetrical High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line (Ericsson)
SHDSLSymmetrical Highspeed Digital Subscriber Loop
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MUNICH and NEUBIBERG, Germany, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lantiq, a leading supplier of chips and software for broadband access and home networking, today announced an SHDSL initiative, designed to bring the unique data-rate and reach performance of G.
At CeBIT 2011, intec will present an SHDSL measuring instrument that meets the highest technical demands: the ARGUS 145 plus.
The LRS-16 employs standard SHDSL TC PAM16 technology to extend normal transmission range, enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs.
Verizon's SHDSL products will be symmetric offerings, delivering speeds up to 1.
It will be used by KPN Belgium to enable a wide variety of services over SHDSL, including leased lines, LAN interconnect, ATM, Frame Relay and Internet access.
SHDSL has 4 times the coverage capability of ADSL and 50% higher data rate and distance of SDSL The Xtreme5100 has demonstrable advantages, such as unrivaled rate/reach, tolerance to noise and bridged taps all of which will enable Service Providers to generate significant new revenue," according to Bill Osborn, Vice President of Marketing at Telmax.
bis module for the RxT Platform addresses key test requirements for the installation of business class services and mobile backhaul deployed over an SHDSL access network.
Another critical advantage of SHDSL is its increase in symmetric bandwidth.
SHDSL IC Vendor Market Share, Year-end 2005 and 1Q06
This new module is one of the only systems to provide complete SHDSL testing, and offers unmatched convenience and ease-of-use, making it a great choice for a wide variety of field applications.
Zhone's early success in the fast growing Ethernet over copper market is now also being validated with its Network Extender T1/E1 and SHDSL EADs.
The arrival of interoperable, cost-effective products using the SHDSL international standard provides the basis needed for further development.