SHDSLSingle-Line High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHDSLSingle Pair High Bitrate Dsl
SHDSLSymmetric High Bitrate Dsl
SHDSLSymmetrical High-Density Digital Subscriber Line
SHDSLSymmetrical High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line (Ericsson)
SHDSLSymmetrical Highspeed Digital Subscriber Loop
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The DT-TELE-SHDSL Surge Protector was designed to meet the special requirements of SHDSL data transmission for maximum data security with minimum signal attenuation.
"There are up to eight ports available, and you can select from Fast Ethernet, gigabit, and now, SHDSL ports."
Norwegian telecomms group Telenor ASA said on Tuesday (23 August) that it was introducing two new speeds for SHDSL (Symmetric High-Bitrate Digital Subscriber Loop), the broadband that offers equal speeds for up- and down-loading of data.
"Through the recent acquisition of Tioga Technologies ST has added these multi-channel ADSL and SHDSL chipsets to the company's DSL portfolio, complementing an already comprehensive range extending from ADSL to VDSL", said Andy Carmon, STMicroelectronics' DSL products engineering director.
Verizon's SHDSL products will be symmetric offerings, delivering speeds up to 1.5 Mbps in both directions with VBRnrt quality of service, which takes priority over regular DSL traffic on the network during times of congestion.
Metalink's HDSL2, HDSL4 and SHDSL solutions allow service providers to reduce the deployment costs for T1/E1 systems by reducing the need for costly repeaters used in older HDSL and T1/E1 systems.
With two SHDSL ports users can easily set up of point-to-point, linear or ring network structures.
The LRS-16 employs standard SHDSL TC PAM16 technology to extend normal transmission range, enabling carriers to reach more customers at lower costs.
The FOM-E1/T1 modem is designed to convert an E1/T1 electrical signal into optical signal to be transmitted through fibre optic cable, while the ASMi-52 modem uses SHDSL technology to extend the range of digital interfaces.
KPN Belgium has chosen the LA-110 ATM Integrated Access Device (IAD) from RAD Data Communications for deployment in its new SHDSL network.
Franchesca Walker, vice president of Business Development at Telmax, said: "The Xtreme5100 Broadband Intelligent Business Gateway, utilizing the worldwide SHDSL draft standard, has the best properties of SDSL and HDSL2 combined offering Service Provides a resilient product to service the business community.
at the same time the bandwidths on the available trunk lines between the cable houses / switchboards / autobahnmeistereien for fiber optic (fiber optic cable) to 1 gbit / s and on the copper main lines to n times 10 times mbit / s with shdsl be increased (n = number of for shdsl switchable pairs).