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SHEALShuttle High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory
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Mark Stratton (Buckingham), Andrew Cryer (Catesby), Dave Newman (Richmond), Simon Holland Roberts (Hastings), John Gully (Clarence, Tyrrell), Richard Standing (Edward IV), Conrad Nelson (Richard III), Roger Burnett (Rivers), Maeve Larkin (Anne), Kate Williamson (Queen Elizabeth), Jacqueline Redgewell (Duchess of York), Helen Sheals (Queen Margaret).
Her rapid descent into madness is the price, leading ultimately to her death and Sheals captured the inner turmoil superbly.
Christopher Sheals is serving life for the 1994 killing of Margaret Wright, who was tortured and executed after being mistaken for a Catholic at an illegal rave in a loyalist band hall in south Belfast.
She says Mr Sheals was convicted without concrete evidence, and adds: "I believe this case raises serious issues about administration of justice in Northern Ireland.
And in a note to Lord Chief Justice Carswell, Ms McKenna writes: "No statement of confession to murder was taken by police and there were no accounts alleging that Mr Sheals was at the scene.
Letitia says that she had a great time teaming up with Amy Marston and Helen Sheals as The Teletones.
Bandhall killer Christopher Sheals claims he is cracking up in jail - because he can't have a TV in his cell.
Loyalist paramilitary gang the Red Hand Commando has vowed to kill 29- year-old Sheals after he snubbed their order to plead guilty at his trial.
Sheals wrote to prison bosses: "Access to a television set in my cell would be of significant benefit to my mental health.