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SHEEPStockholm Heart Epidemiology Program (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)
SHEEPSearch for the High-Energy Extragalactic Population (international space study)
SHEEPSociety for Health, Education, Environment and Peace (Indonesia)
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This gentleman treated me with kindness, and desired I would let him know what place I came from last, and whither I was bound; which I did in a few words, but he thought I was raving, and that the dangers I underwent had disturbed my head; whereupon I took my black cattle and sheep out of my pocket, which, after great astonishment, clearly convinced him of my veracity.
The Herd-boy returned to his sheep, and took off the invisible belt which he hid carefully in his bag.
which they never violate) they explain thus: the sheep is the mother of them who swear; the butter betokens the love between the mother and the children, and an oath taken on a mother's head is sacred.
I hear nothing but a great bleating of ewes and sheep," said Sancho; which was true, for by this time the two flocks had come close.
We could almost fancy we heard their voices and the bleating of their sheep and goats, but when the sun went down and it came on dark, we camped down upon the beach, and next morning I called a council.
This animal is commonly called the mountain sheep, and is often confounded with another animal, the "woolly sheep," found more to the northward, about the country of the Flatheads.
The uncle of Balbus wished him to tend sheep in the Colonies
A sheep might gaze at you without transmitting a warning through your sub-jective mind, because you are in no danger from a sheep.
White Fang was to her a wolf, the hereditary marauder who had preyed upon her flocks from the time sheep were first herded and guarded by some dim ancestor of hers.
Suddenly stopping short, he pointed to some sheep, at the further end of the field through which they happened to be passing at the moment.
Before me, for half a mile or more (as well as I could guess), rose a tract of meadow-land, with sheep dotted over it at intervals reposing for the night.
A TROUBLESOME CROW seated herself on the back of a Sheep.