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A sherd 4245: 2057 was deposited into archaeological collections together with an oblong piece of wood, curved exactly in the shape of the sherd as if seated into the surface of the vessel like an inner lining.
o 1 to 4): 1) Vessel 11; 2) Vessel 12; 3) Vessel 14; 4) Drawing and photo of refitted sherd, with incised lines; 5-8) Four sherds decorated with dotted impressed lines, probably from the same vessel; piece 7 was found misplaced in stratigraphic unit 02 (drawings by M.
He said the inscription on the sherd is not baybayin but crude cursive Roman script of two Visayan words 'bagtingi' or ring it, and 'tuusan,' which means to show respect-acts, he explained, that should relate to the performance of a ritual.
Using the techniques of computed tomography (CT) and quantitative automated mineralogy, archaeologists can compare the mineralogy of pottery sherds with that of locally sourced clays, and understand the origins of the ceramics from sites under excavation within Qatar.
Here we were again fortunate, for the Cyprus Department of Antiquities has a rare policy of storing all the finds from their excavations so that all complete items, sherds and surface finds were still available in the Cyprus Museum.
The results of the formula as applied to sherd counts rather than whole vessel forms should be viewed cautiously, but previous research using this method found the results to correspond with occupational levels at a degree similar to that of Miller's formula (McBride & McBride 1987; Huser 1993).
The other half appears to have been taken by Henry' Salt (1780-1827), British Consul-General in Cairo--part of the Salt collection was published and is now in the British Library, many of the sherds bearing names from the Greek Kingston Lacy tax receipts.
An object could be simply an engraved sherd from a site in Arkansas.
The date of deposition of a single earthenware pottery sherd recovered from the site of Sokoli on Dauar Island was established at around 700 calibrated years before the present (cal BP) (Carter 2001).
Each sample sherd was cut to fit on a glass microscope slide measuring 27 by 46 mm.
Paul is an honest and straightforward investigator, who examines every sherd of evidence with much the same detachment as an archeologist, as do most of those involved in UFO matters; but belief in intelligently controlled UFOs, however convincing appearing the evidence, does not raise it out of the realm of speculation.