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SHEREShear History Extensional Rheology Experiment
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"Shere Khan, the Big One, has shifted his hunting grounds.
Shere Khan was the tiger who lived near the Waingunga River, twenty miles away.
Then there was a howl--an untigerish howl--from Shere Khan.
Father Wolf ran out a few paces and heard Shere Khan muttering and mumbling savagely as he tumbled about in the scrub.
The moonlight was blocked out of the mouth of the cave, for Shere Khan's great square head and shoulders were thrust into the entrance.
"Shere Khan does us great honor," said Father Wolf, but his eyes were very angry.
To move down so cunningly that never a leaf stirred; to wade knee-deep in the roaring shallows that drown all noise from behind; to drink, looking backward over one shoulder, every muscle ready for the first desperate bound of keen terror; to roll on the sandy margin, and return, wet-muzzled and well plumped out, to the admiring herd, was a thing that all tall-antlered young bucks took a delight in, precisely because they knew that at any moment Bagheera or Shere Khan might leap upon them and bear them down.
That naked thing running to and fro makes a monkey-jest of those who have once been good hunters, and pulls the best of us by the whiskers for sport." This was Shere Khan, the Lame Tiger, limping down to the water.
Mowgli looked--stared, rather--as insolently as he knew how, and in a minute Shere Khan turned away uneasily.
"That may come, too--Faugh, Shere Khan!--what new shame hast thou brought here?"
"Man!" said Shere Khan coolly, "I killed an hour since." He went on purring and growling to himself.
"I killed for choice--not for food." The horrified whisper began again, and Hathi's watchful little white eye cocked itself in Shere Khan's direction.