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SHERIFFStatistical Heuristic Engine to Reliably and Intelligently Fight Fraud
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For he argued that if a confederate was not found, an enlightened Missouri jury would hang them; sure; if a confederate was found, that would not improve the matter, but simply furnish one more person for the sheriff to hang.
You'll never ketch him, Ab," responded the sheriff.
MICAWBER, and the defendant in that cause is the prey of the sheriff having legal jurisdiction in this bailiwick.
Rob's father had two other enemies besides Fitzwalter, in the persons of the lean Sheriff of Nottingham and the fat Bishop of Hereford.
The Fair is on at Nottingham, and the Sheriff proclaims an archer's tournament.
Sheriff,” said his companion; “and as he understands ropes so well, he would be very expert, should occasion happen for his services in another way.
Well, sir, as you have abundant leisure for all these important affairs, I beg that you will forget that you are high sheriff, and devote some little of your time to gallantry.
Now it was told before how two hundred pounds were set upon Robin Hood's head, and how the Sheriff of Nottingham swore that he himself would seize Robin, both because he would fain have the two hundred pounds and because the slain man was a kinsman of his own.
Then one of his men who was near him said, "Good master, thou wottest not the force that Robin Hood has about him and how little he cares for warrant of king or sheriff.
A STATESMAN who had been indicted by an unfeeling Grand Jury was arrested by a Sheriff and thrown into jail.
Such was the aspect under which the place presented itself to Sheriff Adams and two other men who had come out from Marshall to look at it.
He was examined before the Sheriff on the twenty-ninth of October, and was committed for trial before this Court.