SHERTScottish Hospital Endowments Research Trust
SHERTSafety, Helping, Encouraging, Relating, and Teaching (hand puppet; autism toy)
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Sherts says teenage girls love it because it gives them a discrete way to touch up their nails in school without their teachers knowing.
Also helping fuel interest, he says, is the product's packaging, featuring the fictional character Miss Spiffer, a young woman Sherts describes as "a carefree girl who has no worries and doesn't carry a lot of stuffwith her.
While the uniqueness of the Spiffer manicure pen and the novel packaging of the product should generate interest among consumers, Sherts says he believes that the attractive price points and high margins the product offers retailers will attract the attention of chain drug buyers.
Priced at that level it has a fast sell-through and tremendous margins," Sherts remarks.
At the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace Conference, Spiffer is debuting five items that Sherts says are "exciting and fun new products.