SHERTScottish Hospital Endowments Research Trust
SHERTSafety, Helping, Encouraging, Relating, and Teaching (hand puppet; autism toy)
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In Muscovite administrative practice, the use of such Turkic words as shert' and iasak, and the codification this implied, underlined the continuation of Mongol administrative ideas.
Here the demeanour of Catholics awaiting death on the scaffold was being used, like the involuntary rope-grabbing of John Shert, to cast doubt on the strength and truth of their inward spiritual state.(28) In 1571 a tussle on the scaffold when John Story, formerly chancellor to Bishop Bonner, was executed led William Fulke to emphasize his desperate state, and Story's very vocal significations of pain (real butchery was resorted to in his case -- he had not been popular) allowed Fulke to argue that he was "devoid of patience".(29)
Sometimes it was even as if the cleric taunted the crowd, like John Shert "wagging" his hands in admonition to the crowd and saying that "whosoever dieth out of the catholique Church he dieth in the state of damnation", or John Roberts, who in 1610 told the Protestant witnesses of his death that if they remained in the Church of England they should undoubtedly perish everlastingly.
See also the executions of Thomas Ford, John Shert, & Robert Johnson (Holinshed, Chronicles, 1344).
Mary left the Scottish Hospital Endowments Research Trust (SHERT) and The Leonard Cheshire Foundation Home at Carnsalloch, near Dumfries, more than pounds 820,000 each.
A spokeswoman from SHERT said: "As far as we are aware Mrs Tyson had no links with SHERT but the legacy will be used for cancer research if that is what she wished."
Shirt, pronounced "shurt" 20 miles down the A19, becomes "shert" on Teesside.
The Spiffer Manicure Pen is so unique that some retail buyers are not sure what category it belongs in, company president Charles Sherts says.
"Women love the convenience of having always-needed nail implements and the utility of a ballpoint pen together in one small, lightweight and discrete package," Sherts says.
The Spiffer manicure pen, explains company president Chuck Sherts, is a one-of-a-kind item that has proven to be especially popular with teenagers.
Sherts says he hopes that the novelty of the item will make it a must-have product for chain drug store beauty care departments.
There we was all wearin' our Boro sherts an' waving' our flags like after the victory parade when the lads come EIOing down Linthorpe Road on the owld Ellerman Beeline convertible.