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SHESSandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT)
SHESSpring Hill Elementary School
SHESSacred Heart Elementary School (Los Angeles, CA)
SHESSchool of Human and Environmental Sciences (UK)
SHESSunset Hills Elementary School (Surpize, AZ)
SHESSackville Heights Elementary School (Canada)
SHESSafety Harbor Elementary School (Safety Harbor, FL)
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Shes and balus growled and bristled as he passed closer, but none hindered him and thus he came to the inner circle of bulls.
The leading shes were almost upon the girl when Tarzan leaped among them, and with heavy blows scattered them to right and left; and then as the bulls came to share in the kill they thought this new ape-thing was about to make that he might steal all the flesh for himself, they found him facing them with an arm thrown about the creature as though to protect her.
The little girl idolized him as she might have idolized an indulgent brother had she had one.
When Korak hunted, Meriem usually accompanied him, for she had learned the fine art of silence, when silence was desirable.
Later in the evening So-ta confided to me that she was soon to leave the tribe.
"So-ta soon to be Kro-lu," she confided in a low whisper.
And if, I said, the male and female sex appear to differ in their fitness for any art or pursuit, we should say that such pursuit or art ought to be assigned to one or the other of them; but if the difference consists only in women bearing and men begetting children, this does not amount to a proof that a woman differs from a man in respect of the sort of education she should receive; and we shall therefore continue to maintain that our guardians and their wives ought to have the same pursuits.
And if so, my friend, I said, there is no special faculty of administration in a state which a woman has because she is a woman, or which a man has by virtue of his sex, but the gifts of nature are alike diffused in both; all the pursuits of men are the pursuits of women also, but in all of them a woman is inferior to a man.
"No," she replied, "I am no Wieroo." And she shuddered slightly as she pronounced the word.
He told her briefly who and what he was, though he doubted if she understood, and from her he learned that she had been a prisoner there for many months; but for what purpose he did not then learn, as in the midst of their conversation the yellow door swung open and a Wieroo with a robe slashed with yellow entered.
Why was it then that his brows contracted and his muscles tensed as he saw Taug pause beside the young she and then squat down close to her?
He saw the rough caress of the huge paw as it stroked the sleek shoulder of the she, and then Tarzan of the Apes slipped catlike to the ground and approached the two.