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Si bien dicho instrumento refiere a la carrera academica en general y no especifica un area de conocimiento en particular, otros trabajos han adaptado esta escala para estudiantes de ingenieria (Lent, Singley, Sheu, Schmidt y Schmidt, 2007) y metas relacionadas al trabajo (Duffy y Lent, 2009), entre otros.
With a growing list of around 70 initiatives underway, Mr Sheu said "smart lamp posts" are not far off, with HK$20 million earmarked to explore how the lamp posts can incorporate 5G and audio-video surveillance.
Considerable research efforts have been dedicated to exploring perceived levels of MCC, MCSE, and EI development for counselor trainees (Arredondo et al., 2005; Barden & Greene, 2015; Holcomb-McCoy et al., 2008; Sheu & Lent, 2007).
Hemsirelik Ogrencileri Icin Stresle Bas Etme Davranislari Olcegi: Sheu ve arkadaslari (14) tarafindan gelistirilen olcek 19 madde ve 4 alt boyuttan olusan (0-4 puan) "4- her zaman yasanan durumu, 3, 2, 1, 0- hicbir zaman yasanmayan durumu" belirten besli likert tipli bir olcektir.
In addition, the magnitude of the relationship between barriers and self-efficacy in previous studies has been consistently smaller compared to that of support and self-efficacy (Lent et al., 2008; Lent, Sheu, Gloster & Wilkings, 2010; Rodriguez, Inda & Fernandez, 2015), suggesting supports may be of relatively greater importance than the perception of barriers in the SCCT model (Garriot, Flores & Martens, 2013).
Meta-analytic research has demonstrated the robust relationships between self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and career commitment (Lent et al., 1994; Sheu et al., 2010).
Rendering yield, fat recovery rate, and moisture content: The rendering yield and fat recovery rate of chicken fat were determined according to the methods of Sheu and Chen [4] and Zhang et al [5] using the following equations.
Ten models/frameworks that emphasized operational performance have been pointed out: by participating in GSCM, companies decreased the scrap rate, improved the quality of marketed products and services, improved the use of productive resources (Chan et al., 2012a; Dou et al., 2014; Green et al., 2012a; Larentis et al., 2013; Olugu et al., 2011; Prata et al., 2013; Zhu et al., 2013), achieved goals to minimize and eliminate product nonconformities (Green et al., 2012b; Lee et al., 2012; Sheu et al., 2005) and companies have improved the quality of customer complaint records, analysis and solutions (Chan et al., 2012a; Green et al., 2012a, b; Olugu et al., 2011).
Most of the past studies modeled the age-based replacement policy and spare provisioning policy jointly; we can refer to Osaki and Yamada [11], Sheu and Griffith [12], Jhang [13], Sheu and Chien [14], and Sheu et al.
Finally, the group of Sheu [66] has suggested that, upon [Ca.sup.2+] overload in the matrix, mRyR might be responsible for mitochondrial [Ca.sup.2+] efflux, thus preventing the activation of PTP (see below).
(3.) Alloo A, Sheu J, Butrynski JE, DeAngelo DJ, George S, Murphy GF, et al.