SHFSSecure Shell File System
SHFSSmith Hayes Financial Services (Lincoln, NE)
SHFSSaskatchewan History and Folklore Society, Inc. (est. 1957; Canada)
SHFSSupportable Hybrid Fighter Structures
SHFSStores Handling & Fueling-At-Sea
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Studies have shown that MEL is a critical intermediary between photoperiod and cashmere growth, and the greater level of MEL secreted by the pineal gland during times of short daily photoperiod maybe the key factor for cashmere growth via increasing the activity of SHFs [11,13-15].
The total number of SHFs in 10 random fields was counted (magnification 100x), and the percentage of SHF activity was calculated [7], as SHF activity = active SHFs/total SHFs x 100% (Figure 2).
During this phase, the Project met its original target of benefiting 90,000 SHFs across the five countries of Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.
The finacial situation of the SHFs was evaluated using the Taffler model, Index IN 95, Index IN 99 and Index IN 05.
The SHFS is a prospective family based cohort study designed to identify genetic and environmental factors for cardiovascular disease and their risk factors in American Indians from 13 communities residing in Arizona, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
In addition, the change in high temperature is very consistent with the change in sensible heat flux (SHF); the SHF of the RUC (NOAH) scheme is the highest (lowest).
The study population was representative of the SHS participants who also participated in the SHFS (Table 1).
Among those, 2,907 SHS participants had at least 1 relative within the cohort, allowing heritability analysis and 487 were also SHFS participants with STR marker information for the linkage analysis.