SHFSSecure Shell File System
SHFSSmith Hayes Financial Services (Lincoln, NE)
SHFSSaskatchewan History and Folklore Society, Inc. (est. 1957; Canada)
SHFSStores Handling & Fueling-At-Sea
SHFSSupportable Hybrid Fighter Structures
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We studied effect modification of the associations by rs12768205 in AS3MT, the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) with the strongest association in a MetaboChip association analysis with iAs%, MMA%, and DMA% in the SHFS (Balakrishnan et al.
Although the SHFS has a relatively small sample size, particularly for a genetic association study, the strength of the associations supports the importance of investigating genetic variants of arsenic metabolism within a prospective American Indian cohort.
The 13 participating tribes, the Indian Health Service (IHS) Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the IRBs of the participating institutions approved the SHS and SHFS protocol and consent forms.
In our study, the peak on chromosome 10 close to AS3MT did not reach the level of suggestive evidence for linkage, and larger linkage studies within the overall SHFS population, as well as association studies, are needed to further evaluate the relevance of AS3MT in our population.
Ongoing arsenic speciation analysis in all SHFS participants and additional genetic analysis of a panel of polymorphisms in candidate genes potentially related to arsenic metabolism, including those informed by the present study, will allow us to determine if the linkages observed remain in the larger population as well as to study potential gene x environment interactions for arsenic related health effects.
SHFS is a Fort Lauderdale-based company which until recently was a leading seller and originator of Reverse Mortgages in the state of Florida.
SHFS recently assumed the Reverse Mortgage lending business from Wendover Financial Services Corporation - a portfolio that has consistently held more than 60 percent of the Reverse Mortgage market in the United States - and has begun processing, underwriting, funding, closing and packaging these loans
We will not only be servicing the needs of our correspondent network, we will also be offering loan officer recruitment, training and support for our correspondent team," said Richard Gangel, chairman of SHFS, based in South Florida.
SHFS will no longer operate as a retailer but will instead channel their understanding of this side of the business into offering excellent service to the network.
I am totally excited to join SHFS, a group solely dedicated to reverse mortgages.
Based in Fort Lauderdale, SHFS had strictly been a leading originator of Reverse Mortgages in the state of Florida until recently assuming the Reverse Mortgage lending business from Wendover Financial Services Corporation.