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SHGShort-Handed Goals (hockey)
SHGSecond Harmonic Generation
SHGSelf Help Group
SHGSacred Heart Griffin (Springfield, Illinois school)
SHGSpecial High Grade (zinc)
SHGState History Guide (formerly State House Girls)
SHGState House Girls
SHGSegmented Hyper-Graphic (file format)
SHGSign Historical Group (Minneapolis, MN)
SHGSohag (Egyptian automobile license plate)
SHGSmith, Hinchman & Grylls
SHGSyska Hennessy Group
SHGGizzard Shad (FAO fish species code)
SHGSingle-Hop Gap Model
SHGSurface Heating Gain
SHGSingle-Hop Grooming
SHGSaunders Hotel Group (Boston, MA)
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In 2014 the plant produced 168,601 tonnes of saleable SHG zinc.
com and connect with SHG on Facebook or @mysocialharmony.
The corresponding hypothesis is that the financial inclusion of the poor beneficiary households by the SHG programme enables them to rise above the minimum poverty threshold.
We formed a SHG in 2005, and one of our group members, Namita, taught us to make various things like dolls, garlands and many other items.
The demographic status of the SHG members indicates that a majority of group members were in the age group 21-50 years.
Empowerment by way of participation in SHG can bring enviable changes and enhancement in the living conditions of women in poor and developing nations.
Indian Bank's share was Rs seven crore to 314 SHG s benefitting 4,790 members, he added.
The level of empowerment varies with number of things such as minimalist or maximalist approach taken by MFI, capacity building programmes undertaken by MFI and actual utilization of loan by SHG members.
I thank Michael Ward, our town administrator, and Attorney Robert Gibbons, our town counsel, for all their negotiating work on the Wekepeke conservation restriction that removed a major obstacle to the town accepting the SHG.
Looking into the success of Anarde Foundation in SHG promotion, again NABARD provided a further grant of Rs 23 lakh to Anarde Foundation during the year 1997-8.
NICARAGUA -- Committed to supporting environmentally friendly coffee farms and raising awareness about the importance of Fair Trade, True Blue Coffee Roasters is currently featuring an Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG as their "Coffee of the Month.
SHG is trying out solar power at its new build sites and giving out energy-saving light bulbs to residents.