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SHGCSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
SHGCStanford Human Genome Center (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SHGCSouthern Hang Gliding Club (UK)
SHGCStraight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinder (differential geometry)
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Since there are no standard requirements for SHGC and VT, the simulations input data will be the same in Italy and Lithuania.
At present, SHGC is working on several high profile commercial and residential projects, one of which involves an Aa Dh2.
The possible increment in the cooling load is avoided, to a certain extent, by the fact that the SHGC was minimized.
SHGC has also awarded two important sub-contracts for the villas - one to Al Ibhar Electrical Contracting and Elegant Electromechanical Contracting as the MEP, air conditioning and fire fighting sub-contractor; and another to Liwa Building Contracting as the civil sub-contractor.
US-based holding SH Group said on Wednesday it had sold its construction unit Syska Hennessy Group Construction, or SHGC, to gkkworks, a planning, design and construction company in California, as part of a strategy to focus on core engineering business.
Remember, the SHGC is not the only value that describes a window's performance: the U factor, a measure of thermal conductivity, is a measure of a window's winter performance.
40 or lower) solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC--how much heat gets through the glass), and in cooler climates, look for a higher SHGC.
The SHGC depends on the optical and thermal properties of the window assembly, climatic conditions, air mass, solar spectrum, and solar angle of incidence (Klems 2000; Kuhn et al.
Over the base case, double-pane air-filled windows with a medium solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), double-pane argon windows with a high SHGC were the choice; triple-pane windows, while included, did not factor into the low-cost, high-savings models.
Using between-glass blinds, electrochromic dynamic glazing, and automatically controlled shades make VT and SHGC values a function of your BMS control algorithms.
SHGC is a main general contracting company working on massive community projects such as Ajman Uptown.
Put simply, the SHGC measures how much of the sun's energy (both visible and near-infrared light) striking the window transmits as heat into the room.