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SHGCSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
SHGCStanford Human Genome Center (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SHGCSouthern Hang Gliding Club (UK)
SHGCStraight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinder (differential geometry)
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Since there are no standard requirements for SHGC and VT, the simulations input data will be the same in Italy and Lithuania.
As subclassifications of SHGC, TC "SHGC (summer)" and "SHGC (winter)" are self-contradictory trade-off TC, which are specified in the cross-matrix.
In order to define the thermal performance and optical performance of the DSC window units, it is necessary to calculate the SHGC, SC, solar transmittance ([T.sub.sol]), and visible light transmittance ([T.sub.vis]) of those units.
"The rapid pace of construction for the first 200 units gives us confidence that we will be able to meet our handover deadline by the end of 2012," said Fahad Sattar Dero, CEO at SHGC.
U-values for the Crystal Green Approved Products range from 0.27 to 0.29 and SHGC ratings are as low as 0.25.
Two important sub-contracts for the 1,504 villas have already been awarded by Sweet Homes General Contracting (SHGC), the in-house contracting arm of Sweet Homes Group and the main contractor for the Ajman Uptown project.
Windows with optimal light transmittance, low U-value, and low SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) allow more light in and reduce solar heat gain, leading to decreased HVAC loads and associated energy usage.
AaSweet Homes General Contracting L.L.C (SHGC), the in-house contracting arm of Sweet Homes Group and the main contractor for the 'Ajman Uptown' project, has awarded two important sub-contracts for the 1,504 villas within the AED 2.2 billion master development -- one to Al Ibhar Electrical Contracting and Elegant Electromechanical Contracting as the MEP, air conditioning and fire fighting sub-contractor; and another to Liwa Building Contracting as the civil sub-contractor.
They must have a U-factor (which measures heat loss) and an SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient, which measures heat gain) below 0.30 to minimize heating and cooling costs.
There are a couple terms to know: "Solar heat gain coefficient" (SHGC) tells you how much solar energy (and heat) gets through; "visible transmittance" gauges how much light is lost in the balance.