SHHPScandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (alternative fuel source; Sweden, Denmark and Norway)
SHHPSupportive Housing and Homeless Programs (Colorado)
SHHPSaskatchewan Heart Health Program (Health Canada; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SHHPSchool of Health and Human Performance (Ireland)
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Associated Advisory Engagement : Project# 575567 RE Bosnia SHPP: Balkan Renewable Energy Program team (part of IFC AS Cross-Cutting products, Energy & Efficiency BL) signed the Project Service Agreement with UCI BiH in September 2014 and provided them (together with another UniCredit subsidiary in BiH UniCredit Banjaluka) with three day training related to Small Hydro Power Plants ( SHHP ).
In addition, the use of a multicomponent, comprehensive, and detailed nutrition and physical activity curricula for the students in higher grades greatly contributed to the success of programs like Planet Health (12) and SHHP.