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SHHSSacred Heart High School
SHHSSam Houston High School
SHHSScience Hill High School
SHHSSunny Hills High School
SHHSSouth Hadley High School (South Hadley, Massachusetts)
SHHSSmoky Hill High School (Aurora, Colorado)
SHHSSouth Houston High School (South Houston, Texas)
SHHSStrath Haven High School
SHHSSterling Heights High School (Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA)
SHHSSleepy Hollow High School (Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, NY)
SHHSSoutheastern Hot Herp Society (venomous reptiles)
SHHSSt. Helena High School (California)
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The SHHS, 2010 has shown that in Kassala State 70% of deliveries are reported to be assisted by skilled attendants, predominantly, 49.
With regard to women's knowledge about HIV/AIDS, the results in this study were found to be worse compared to the findings of SHHS 2010, especially with regards to the knowledge on mother to child HIV transmission.
During the SHHS, 18,786 cooking salt samples were tested for iodine levels (eg.
The other limitation was that we could not access the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS, 2000) datasets to re-analyze it as we did with SHHS data; this was important since it was possible to explore the trend in population coverage with iodized salt.
In addition, data from the population based SHHS demonstrated a significant association between OSA and HF; with an adjusted OR of 2.
Moreover, in the SHHS cohort, fully adjusted hazard ratio for all cause mortality in severe OSA was reported as 1.
We have already discussed sleep disturbances in patients with severe COPD, however mild COPD does not affect sleep quality based on the SHHS data [37].
Similarly, the SHHS clearly showed greater NOD (defined as > 5% of total sleep time spent SaO2 of < 90%) in overlap than either disorder alone [37].
Once terms and conditions for a deal are inked, the transaction will be realized to regulatory sanctions and will likewise need a public vote to eradicate SHHS from the hospital authority.
If the ballot request is affirmed by voters, residents in the communities that make up the authority will no longer have to pay taxes to bolster SHHS.
Characteristics of 5119 women age 20-49 years who were early married (before age 18) were obtained from SHHS 2010 Report.
It is worth noting that information on complications pertains to women who had given births during the two years preceding the SHHS, 2010, as the questions on complications were asked only to women given births during that period.