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SHHSSacred Heart High School
SHHSSam Houston High School
SHHSScience Hill High School
SHHSSunny Hills High School
SHHSSouth Hadley High School (South Hadley, Massachusetts)
SHHSSmoky Hill High School (Aurora, Colorado)
SHHSSouth Houston High School (South Houston, Texas)
SHHSStrath Haven High School
SHHSSterling Heights High School (Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA)
SHHSSleepy Hollow High School (Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, NY)
SHHSSoutheastern Hot Herp Society (venomous reptiles)
SHHSSt. Helena High School (California)
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In addition, data from the population based SHHS demonstrated a significant association between OSA and HF; with an adjusted OR of 2.
Moreover, in the SHHS cohort, fully adjusted hazard ratio for all cause mortality in severe OSA was reported as 1.
The latest population-based SHHS suggested an increased CAD related mortality in men aged 40-70 years with severe OSA (46).
We have already discussed sleep disturbances in patients with severe COPD, however mild COPD does not affect sleep quality based on the SHHS data [37].
Similarly, the SHHS clearly showed greater NOD (defined as > 5% of total sleep time spent SaO2 of < 90%) in overlap than either disorder alone [37].
The SHHS project is a prospective analysis of the effects of untreated sleep apnea on heart disease.
Data from the 2010 SHHS showed that in 11 of Sudan s 15 states, acute malnutrition was above the emergency