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In addition, data from the population based SHHS demonstrated a significant association between OSA and HF; with an adjusted OR of 2.
Moreover, in the SHHS cohort, fully adjusted hazard ratio for all cause mortality in severe OSA was reported as 1.
The latest population-based SHHS suggested an increased CAD related mortality in men aged 40-70 years with severe OSA (46).
We have already discussed sleep disturbances in patients with severe COPD, however mild COPD does not affect sleep quality based on the SHHS data [37].
Similarly, the SHHS clearly showed greater NOD (defined as > 5% of total sleep time spent SaO2 of < 90%) in overlap than either disorder alone [37].
The SHHS project is a prospective analysis of the effects of untreated sleep apnea on heart disease.
Data from the 2010 SHHS showed that in 11 of Sudan s 15 states, acute malnutrition was above the emergency