SHIFStaff Health Insurance Fund
SHIFSvenska Handikappidrottsforbundet (Swedish Sports Organisation for Disabled)
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SHIF is known as a builder of column-type surface grinding machines mainly for liquid crystal equipment; it was established in 2000 as a spin-off from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.
Developed for the SHIF directors in the Rocky Mountain Center's region to provide a model marketing plan and accompanying budget for use in educating the public about TBI and their resource center, this document is available through the center for $2.
We wouldn't still be together if I hadn't got help - in my case from SHIF and Headway.
There are more than 200 SHIFs (Krankenkassen) who act as quasi-public non-profit corporations.
Affordability issues on the other hand would have to be dealt with by contributions from the budget and could be financed with savings on payments to compensate SHIFs for non-contributing members.