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SHIFTSustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow (UK)
SHIFTSolar Heating Initiative for Today (government program; Canada)
SHIFTSalford Health Investment for Tomorrow (Salford University; Lancashire, UK)
SHIFTScalable Heterogeneous Integrated Facility Testbed (computing project)
SHIFTStabilized Housing for Individuals and Families in Transition
SHIFTSecure Hosted Interface for File Transfer (Media Talent Network)
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I had to pass coal for the day and night shifts, and, despite working through the noon-hour, I never finished my task before eight at night.
She herself has told me that lace is worn in hell; and as she must know how to make it, let it never be out of her hands; for when she is occupied in shifting the bobbins to and fro, the image or images of what she loves will not shift to and fro in her thoughts; this is the truth, this is my opinion, and this is my advice.
To build upon previous studies, Ma and colleagues analysed whether long-term night shift work in women was associated with risk for nearly a dozen types of cancer, Health news reported.
Therefore, a shift-by-wire system was introduced that eliminates the mechanical linkage between the shift lever, judges driver shift inputs using sensors installed on the shift operation devices, and performs shifting using an actuator attached to the transmission.
Now the school building has been constructed but the school management has shifted primary section to second shift which has evoked strong concern among the girls and their parents.
According to these values, it can be observed that the cortisol level was higher among day-shift workers, the FSH level was higher among night-shift workers, and the S, testosterone level was higher among day shift workers.
Many professionals working in night shift/rotational shift face the problem of shift work disorder.
However, percentages of nurses reporting burnout and an intention to leave the job increased incrementally as shift length increased, up to two and a half times higher for nurses who worked longer shifts than for nurses who worked shifts of 8 to 9 hours.
Twelve-hour shift rosters are more popular with some nurses, who find they enjoy more days and weekends off, and have more compressed work weeks.
I would like your thoughts on the increased use of the shift, why batters fail to take advantage of it, and other retired hitters that teams shifted on regularly.
There were no significant differences among the three shift lengths on work performance, health or workfamily conflict, yet there were important differences for other outcomes.
According to the authors of the study, this is the largest analysis of shift work and vascular risk to date and has implications for public policy and occupational medicine.