SHILShiloh National Military Park (US National Park Service)
SHILSub-Harmonic Injection Locking
SHILScottish Health Innovations Ltd. (UK)
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Four years ago when SHIL was set up, Neil took his idea to the company, which works with the NHS, and now his Chest Wound Seal is being developed.
Interventions used in treating cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or biotherapy individually or in any combination (Marian, 1998; Ottery, 1995; Shils & Shike, 1999).
Corticosteroids can improve appetite and sense of well-being, but their effect is usually short term (approximately 4 weeks) without actual improvement in nutritional status (Marian, 1998; Shils & Shike, 1999).
There has been little data to show that TPN can play a significant role in surgical patients except for preoperative support (7 to 10 days) of the severely malnourished patient (Heys, Park, Garlick, & Eremin, 1992; Shils & Shike, 1999).
This procedure allows the patient to take adequate fluid, nourishment, and medications in the comfort of their home and avoid hospitalization (Bloch & Brown, 1990; Shike, 1999; Shils & Shike, 1999).
Any patient who has a PEJ requires feeding by pump to avoid dumping syndrome and allow meeting optimal nutritional goals (Eisbenberg, 1994; Shike, 1999; Shils & Shike, 1999).
The availability of an experienced health care team for patient management, support, and follow up is essential (Bloch & Brown, 1990; Shils & Brown, 1999).
While looking for interesting diary pieces, Shils learned of Candice's story.