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SHIMSystem Health and Intrusion Monitoring (computer security project)
SHIMStanza Headers and Internet Metadata (computing)
SHIMSensitive Habitat and Inventory Mapping
SHIMSelf-Heating Individual Meal
SHIMSexual Health Inventory for Men
SHIMSouth Hills Interfaith Ministries (Pennsylvania)
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Shim is heading a South Korean parliamentary delegation to Tehran to discuss expanding of mutual cooperation with senior Iranian officials.
A spokesperson for Stephens Gaskets explained, "We are excited to be able to offer this comprehensive range of high quality, durable shim washers to offer significant improvement in performance to every piece of machinery that uses these small but essential components.
The Portrait S-Frame with Integrated Shim includes the optional IntegraBite, which conforms to the teeth or maxilla further decreasing head and neck rotation, flexion and extension.
In a televised report days before she was killed, Shim said, "I am very surprised at this accusation [of espionage].
Shim and Irish were stationed in Suruc to cover the ongoing conflict in Kobani.
If the framing on the rough opening seems to be twisted one way or the other, position your shims so the jamb stays perpendicular to the wall.
At that point, Shim says, he declined to go forward.
Shim studied the flies while in the larval stage of development.
26 August 2011 - British aerospace and engineering group Hampson Industries plc (LON:HAMP) said on Friday it had agreed to sell its shims businesses to investor Bridgepoint Development Capital for USD84m (EUR58.
We have already observed clear performance benefits - an estimated temperature decrease from 285[degrees]C to 181[degrees]C--using a material of 50 percent diamond in a 250-[micro] shim," said Jason Nadler, a GTRI research engineer who is leading the project.
Shim said a French company was already offering simulated kidnapping packages, in which people can pay to be abducted without warning, bound, gagged and imprisoned for between four and ten hours.
QUARTZ HILL -- Upset that his ex-wife was dating her children's tae kwon do instructor, Jae Hwan Shim of Palmdale and an accomplice slashed and beat her to death, along with her two children and a relative late last month, authorities said Tuesday.