SHIMESimulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem
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We combined the in vitro gastrointestinal method (IVG) from Ohio State University with the SHIME to subsequently simulate stomach and small intestine (IVG) and colon (SHIME) conditions, respectively.
These intestinal digests from the IVG protocol were subjected to colon conditions by adding 30 mL of the colon suspension sampled from the distal colon compartment of the SHIME reactor, resulting in an L/S ratio of 300 for the soil digests.
We therefore inoculated the SHIME reactor with this fecal microbial inoculum; after 3 weeks of adaptation, a stable microbial community was obtained in the proximal and distal colon compartments.
After the PAH parent compounds had been incubated in SHIME suspension, a 1 mL aliquot of these samples was diluted in 1 mL 0.