SHINCOMShipboard Integrated Communications (Canadian Navy)
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Now in its fifth generation, SHINCOM is integral to information flows aboard ship.
SHINCOM traces its origins back to Leigh Instruments of Carleton Place, Ontario near Ottawa and was developed as part of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program.
The road to success for SHINCOM was not without a few bumps--some rather large.
The superb tactical voice capability provided in a security certified advanced switching system enabled SHINCOM to be selected by the US Navy as its premier internal voice communications system for destroyers and cruisers.
SHINCOM is not just a DRS Canada success story--but a Canadian success story--with more chapters yet to be written.
Prudence dictates that an interoperable, battle-tested, proven, trusted, and exportable Canadian technology like SHINCOM should be the only real choice."
DRS holds up SHINCOM as a Canadian success story, and it is hard to argue with that description as it's so widely trusted since it was first developed in the 1980s.
CSC represents 20 years' worth of development for a system like SHINCOM, even though the total number of systems required is only 15, for all vessels planned in the class, this happens to be roughly the number of SHINCOM systems that DRS currently exports annually, primarily to the US Navy.
Munro spoke about how important it has been that the RCN has used SHINCOM for so long.
As was the case with SHINCOM, DRS has the advantage of being the incumbent provider of the "SIRIUS" IRST system onboard the HALIFAX class frigates.