SHINPADSShipboard Integrated Processing & Display System (Canada)
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He said: "I'm twice the age of some lads at the club - my shinpads are older.
The fact of the matter is, he does wear shinpads - it's just their itsy, bitsy junior-sized ones.
TOP DAY Lafferty hands over shinpads (main pic) and jersey (right) to the Hearts fans in Fife
He said: "One thing is very different: We wear shinpads in training.
The answer is that the Aston Villa attacking midfielder DOES wear shinpads, as all football players are required to under the laws of the game.
Gunts has had his shinpads 16 years; there's a slight crack in them but he won't get rid of them because he can't find any that are exactly the same and if players find ones they like they stick with them.
With things getting tense, substitute Lima was seen gazing into his shinpads - and it became apparent he had smuggled his mobile phone onto the bench inside them.
The model claims items being flogged on eBay by Nikki Manashe - including a spanking whip, pink boxing gloves and kickboxing shinpads - should not have been taken from her home.
The model has claimed that items including a spanking whip, pink boxing gloves and kickboxing shinpads, which are being flogged on eBay by Nikki Manashe are her property, the Mirror reported.
Equipment is provided, but players are advised to bring shinpads.
Having been a hockey player shinpads and gumshield were also a must on that list, but at no point did I ever get to the end of the list and think I've forgotten something essential ...