SHIPMAINShip Maintenance
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The challenge is achieving maximum readiness while realizing process and cost efficiencies sought by SHIPMAIN, organizational realignment, Lean initiatives, and the ERP operating environment.
The implementation of the SHIPMAIN program ensures that the right group is attached to the right job from the very beginning, thereby expediting its completion," explained Master Chief Machinist's Mate (SW) Jeffery A.
SHIPMAIN provides the maximum benefit per maintenance dollar by a one step process, eliminating time lags, prioritizing ship jobs and empowering surface ship Sailors in their ship's maintenance decisions.
SHIPMAIN is contributing to the future of a 375-ship Navy by saving time, labor and dollars-dollars that can be recapitalized into future assets.
A year ago, you would have heard NETWARCOM say, 'We can't play in the SHIPMAIN modernization process because it doesn't move fast enough to do the things we need to do.