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SHIPSStatistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme
SHIPSSeismic Hazards Investigation in Puget Sound (Washington)
SHIPSSafety and Health Injury Prevention Sheets (US OSHA)
SHIPSScottish Hospital In-Patient Statistics (database; UK)
SHIPSSeafaring Heritage in Partnership Seattle (Seattle, WA)
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I advise you to sail away in one of your ships, and never come home again till you have tried your own way," said Jo, whose imagination was fired by the thought of such a daring exploit, and whose sympathy was excited by what she called `Teddy's Wrongs'.
It is quite as much as I can do to take care of myself, without taking care of ships, barques, brigs, schooners, and what not.
I had no pedigree, no inherited title; so in the king's and nobles' eyes I was mere dirt; the people regarded me with wonder and awe, but there was no reverence mixed with it; through the force of inherited ideas they were not able to conceive of any- thing being entitled to that except pedigree and lord- ship.
They ran about laughing and looking over the side of the ship to see if they could see Africa yet.
We let the ships run before the gale, but the force of the wind tore our sails to tatters, so we took them down for fear of shipwreck, and rowed our hardest towards the land.
The dream went when it had heard its message, and soon reached the ships of the Achaeans.
This time it was to the land south of Newfoundland that the ships took their way.
Jukes did not recall these circumstances, of course, but remaining otherwise unconcerned he seemed to see distinctly the poor man's face; a certain game of nap played when quite a boy in Table Bay on board a ship, since lost with all hands; the thick eyebrows of his first skipper; and without any emotion, as he might years ago have walked listlessly into her room and found her sitting there with a book, he remembered his mother -- dead, too, now -- the resolute woman, left badly off, who had been very firm in his bringing up.
at south-west - for seven or eight days, during which time a great many ships from Newcastle came into the same Roads, as the common harbour where the ships might wait for a wind for the river.
I had another way before me, which was to wait for some English ships, which were coming to Bengal from Achin, on the island of Sumatra, and get passage on board them from England.
Now, one day it was announced in the village that the King had issued a decree, offering his daughter, the Princess, in marriage to whoever should build a ship that could fly.
A ship may have left her port some time before; she may have been at sea, in the fullest sense of the phrase, for days; but, for all that, as long as the coast she was about to leave remained in sight, a southern-going ship of yesterday had not in the sailor's sense begun the enterprise of a passage.