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SHIRANS-Band High-Precision Short-Range Navigation
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Shiran said, "I also don't want my friends to see pages like these that are uploaded on my [Facebook]." Some interviewees were preoccupied with the encounters of various groups within their Friends' lists.
Tomer Shiran, CEO and co-founder of analytics startup Dremio, a driving force behind the open source Apache Arrow project, predicts that enterprises will see the need for a new role: the data curator.
Whenever parents drive with kids, always try to give them seat belts or safety chairs because that is very good for the kids." Shiran Khan, another expat who's been here for five years added: "It will help a lot because the children will learn the basics of safety and will help us to save our lives and other lives as well.
(2008) recorded Lasius alienus attending buckthorn - potato aphid in Turkey, and Shiran et al.
[23.] Ravash R, Shiran B, Alavi A, Zarvagis J, Evaluation of genetic diversity in Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) isolates using RAPD marker.
Contrary to this, several other studies have found that mild withdrawal associated with the 24-hr MMT dosing interval leads to higher tension, anger, and depression on self-report measures such as the POMS (Dyer et al., 2001; Shiran et al., 2012) and higher anxiety levels on the Subjective Opiate Withdrawal Scale (Hiltunen et al., 1995, 1999).
made repetitive simulation experiments for the crosstalk of transmission lines under different conductor configuration by MC method and statistics for the objective the crosstalk of transmission lines (Capraro et al., 1981; Bellan et al., 2001; Shiran et al., 1993).
The year has also seen MAN take significant steps towards re-entering the Iranian market and the renewal of its former partnerships with East Yavaran Khodro and Shiran Diesel following the lifting of sanctions.
[10.] Amir O, Merdler A, Shiran A (2001) Bilateral atrial myxomas associated with hyperpigmented skin lesions.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 8, 2016-RR Media names Ayal Shiran as chairman of its board
Assistant camera: Celine Layous, Abdallah Idris, Ali Shiran