SHIRBRIGStandby High Readiness Brigade
SHIRBRIGStandby High Readiness Brigade for United Nations Operations
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SHIRBRIG and the prevarication over Mozambique prove that military effectiveness is insignificant in the absence of the political will to use it.
Although designed as a high-readiness brigade, specifically for UN rapid deployment, the SHIRBRIG has yet to demonstrate its potential.
Participating Member States must attempt to streamline national decision-making to ensure that the SHIRBRIG, and their potential contribution to the brigade, are not delayed.
Given the evolving nature of UN peace support operations, SHIRBRIG participants will have to re-negotiate the terms under which they may accept more demanding, "robust" operations.
To help ensure the availability of national contingents, Governments participating in the SHIRBRIG must be encouraged to earmark units specifically for this commitment.
SHIRBRIG members should be encouraged to pursue functional role specialization.
To ensure legitimacy, impartiality, and consent, political efforts should be devoted to attracting broad regional representation and additional SHIRBRIG participants.