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SHITASociety of High Technology in Agriculture
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Shita anticipates that Nigel will eventually act as a digital mind with the potential to extend its users' own ways of thinking - enabled by Nigel reasoning and viewing reality in the same way as its users.
Shita began working on his single-algorithm, federated approach to artificial intelligence in 2005, and Kimera Systems was formally incorporated in 2012.
Some 700 criminal prisoners and terrorists are imprisoned in the Shita prison.
Nichibei kowa to 'Tetsuwan Atomu': Tezuka Osamu wa naze 'Atomu' wo buso kaijo shita ka [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [The US-Japan peace treaty and Tetsuwan Atomu: why did Tezuka Osamu disarm 'Atomu'?
Archive o riyo shita naiyo bunseki [What did television convey about nuclear power for the past fifty years?
The kidnappers had demanded the release of Hamada Abu Shita , who was sentenced to death for his involvement in an attack near the Rafah border, which resulted in the death of 16 people.
Two other Japanese films -- Kujira no machi (The Town of Whales) directed by Keiko Tsuruoka and Sakura namiki no shita ni (Cold Bloom) by Atsushi Funahashi -- have been also selected for the Forum, which promotes young filmmakers.
August without Him--Two Years of Living with Aids by Hirata Yutaka (Kate no inai hachigatsu ga--Aids o seigen shita Hirata Yutaka ninenkan no seikatsu kiroku) [TV], 78 mins.
Delagardelle C, Feiereisen P, Autier P, Shita R, Krecke R, Beissel J (2002) Strength/endurance training versus endurance training in congestive heart failure.
Keisatsu Chou hen "Kakuseizai Shudoku Sha no Koe"' ni Koubai Kibou ga Sattou shita Haikei (The Reason Why "'The Voices of Stimulant Addicts," by the National Police, had a Rush of Orders), pp.
I have to hit the children, otherwise they won't listen to me or learn to respect their studies," said Mohammed Shita (real name withheld), who teaches in a Cairo primary school.
Chiaki: Ryoohoo tomo kubi o sayuu ni futtari shita toki ni ukideru kinniku no ue ni aru kara mitsukeyasui wa