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SHITASociety of High Technology in Agriculture
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According to Mar'ei, more than one report has been filed against prison authorities for the torture that Abu Shita underwent in prison, which lead to him losing his sight.
2 NS2 Kanada de wa, eego kenshuu o uketari, nihon-go kyooiku no genba o kengaku shitari shita no desu ga, 3 NNS Dooshite desu ka.
14 Kuwabara, "Zui To jidai ni Shina ni raiju shita Saiikijin ni tsuite" (On the persons from the Western Regions who came to live in China during the Sui and Tang periods), in Naito haku-shi kanreki shukuga shinagaku ronso (Kyoto: Kobundo shobo, 1926), 576.
Mobile technology is a hot space with lots of exciting technology, but people adopt it because of what mobile can do for mundane everyday situations," said Mounir Shita, CEO of Kimera Systems.
One of those convicted, Hamada Abu Shita, has repeatedly carried out attacks against Egyptian security.
Jimin ni suwingu shita yawarakai kozo kaikakuha" (The soft structural reform group that swung to the LDP).
For mobile lifestyle to truly exist, anyone in society should have the opportunity to participate in their own financial and technical terms, whether you have software development skills or not," stated Mounir Shita, Founder and President of Technology.
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Kimera makes smartphones smarter," said Mounir Shita, CEO of Kimera Systems.
And, in typical celeb fashion, Amr isn't happy just judging the event - his film 'Al Shita Elli Phat' (Last Winter) will also be screened at the festival.
Member of Al-Arish branch of El-Karama Karim Abu Shita said the protests expressed the people's rage against the procrastination in prosecuting Mubarak and his family and former officials who belonged to the overthrown regime.
Mounir Shita, Founder and President of Technology for GoLife Mobile Corporation explains, "Our patent-pending technologies will encourage the rapid creation of compelling socially-linked lifestyle applications by developers.