SHIWSurvey of Household Income and Wealth (Italy)
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TABLE A1 UCS-SHIW Comparison SHIW SHIW Highest Bank Account UCS Income Earner Holder Gender Male 0.
In the Appendix (Table A2), we show that if we compare UCS and SHIW respondents with bank accounts, we find that the two samples are quite similar in terms of demographic characteristics (age, gender, education).
2006) provide details of computations of the statutory rate, and a comparison of statutory and point expectations of the replacement rates in the SHIW.
Summary statistics on individuals' responses to the six SHIW questions as well as demographic and socioeconomic characteristics are reported in Table 2.
According to 2006 SHIW data, about 14% of Italian households do not have a bank account; among those who own one, the proportions with a debit card (65%) or a credit card (31%) are relatively low.
Q 4 in the SHIW is similar to "Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2% per year.