SHKPSun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. (Hong Kong)
SHKPSherbimi Kombetar i Punes (Albanian: National Service of Labour)
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5 billion, leading SHKP to substantially increase the amount from HK$5 billion to HK$15.
SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok said at the signing ceremony: I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the consortium of 21 leading banks for their unstinting contribution to this five-year dual tranche facility.
Microsoft and SHKP will share profits from the project, which does not require heavy investment, said SHKP managing director Raymond Kwok.
SHKP Deputy Managing Director Victor Lui said: The Wings II is a masterpiece that follows the majestic The Wings.
SHKP Director of Corporate Communications Margaret Ng said: We thank Internet users for their confidence and loyalty over the years.
The poll received an impressive response from Internet users and SHKP won again in the Property Developer and Agent category for its high quality products and attentive service.
Only sites with top grades (overall scores between 480 and 500 out of 500) receive Best in Class awards and SHKP scored high on all criteria, including a full score for content.
There were 84 entries from around the world in the real estate category and SHKP took a Best in Class award along with other six winners from the US, UK, West Indies and Australia.
It is SHKP s largest low-density house project over the past 15 years, with a top design, architecture and materials.
The IFC brand is a huge success and Shanghai IFC is an example of SHKP s leading commercial projects on the mainland.
Although SHKP is best known for its strength in the residential sector, its developments span every major property use, including shopping centres, office and industrial properties, hotels and warehouses.
Raymond Kwok, vice chairman and managing director of SHKP, said, "There has been a great deal of interest in SHKP's shares.